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Nightmare - Joan Lowery Nixon

Joan Lowery Nixon is the author of "Nightmare." Most of her 130+ books are mysteries, including "Nightmare."  She even said, "writing mysteries was even more fun than reading them. From what I read, she is extremely good at writing mysteries, and has gotten tons of awards for them. The Emily, the main character of "Nightmare," likes to be alone, just like Joan when she is writing her novels. The author's life lets me understand the weird plot of the book because Joan is very weird and likes to make her book similar to her experiences.   

""She couldn't trust anyone. Not when she couldn't even trust her own childhood memories, which had been deeply buried behind the truth.""
Nightmare - Joan Lowery Nixon

I have finished the book since my last blog post and I enjoyed the book. Anyways, I chose this this quote because I can relate to it a lot. Sometimes I feel like I can't trust anyone. When I do group projects I always want to trust my group, but they are never reliable. One thing that surprised me is the way Emily says it. In the book she usually trusts her friends, but in quote she doesn't even trust one of her best friends.


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Nightmare - Joan Lowery Nixon

Hello, my name is Xavier and I am reading the book "Nightmare" by Joan Lowery Nixon. Like other books, I chose to read this because the summary on the back seemed very interesting. I have read a total of 63 pages already and I love the book. The book seems to be based around a reoccurring memory the Emily, the main character,  has which affects the plot of the story a lot. Emily was sent to a special camp for people who are "underachievers." She is introduced to the councilors and other students, who feel kind of suspicious to her. I predict that the councilors are going to try to harm Emily.